Warning Signs of Suicide

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This is a great poster that lists the warning signs of suicide, It is good for us to review this list from time to time. It is easy to become complacent or just used to someone’s depression. When the depression takes a turn even further down the hole we need to be careful.

suicide glad you exist

If you know someone that has some of these warning signs, please pay attention to them. If you are unaware of resources for help or what to do send me a note in the comment section below.

You can get a lot of info from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.

suicide lifeline

This is also a connection for people who feel they might be suicidal. It is the best site I have found on the web but not the only one. If you need help, reach out to as many people and places you can. Don’t give up.

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In The Garden Of Hope

In the garden of hope, as in any garden, there are seeds and weeds.

What kind of seeds?

What kinds of weeds?

The seeds of hope, of believing that something good lies ahead.  

The weeds of negativity, and parasites that feed on the life energy so essential to nourishing the fragile seeds and seedlings newly sprouted.

I have written before that hope is not enough, and that hope is just a beginning, a good place to start.

How do we, or how can we help that hope to grow?

We must feed the seed that which we wish to grow, and create a nurturing environment for the seedling to continue to flourish after it has sprouted.

We must remove weeds that steal hope’s essential nutrients simply by being present in the garden.

Remove the pedestrians who would happily trample all over our precious seedlings, restrict them to tiny pathways that interfere not with life in the garden.

Remove the giant thistles that have dug their roots deep into your garden soil (soul), greedily stealing all the light.

Feed that little seed of hope, talk to it like it was the most precious seed in the world, and give it lots of love.  Give it every opportunity to grow by bringing in the best and the brightest to teach it the skills it needs to grow strong and stand tall.

And of course, every little sprout needs a cheerleader, to unconditionally cheer on it’s progress and growth, if for nothing else than to see it’s full beauty in bloom.

To all my readers who are making their way through the darkness right now, I send you my love and blessings of light.

A Mom Soldiers On

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

My kids are my everything.  They are my hopes, my fears, my joy, my tears.  Being a parent is the most challenging and probably the most difficult job I will ever have.  It’s even more so, when my depression decides that today is the day it’s going to manifest, and my teenager is doing her best to push my every button, and every boundary ever set in this household.

My kid is a great kid; intelligent, creative, fun loving, full of love and compassion.  But there are times, good lord, when it’s impossible to keep my head up, to hold on to my patience, and be a good mom.  When I am faced with raging pubescent hormones, with all the drama and passions that come with teen angst, and I am emotionally raw hyper-sensitive, and every word said to me are like hot iron arrows shot straight into my chest, burning up my little reservoir of love and light.

So I will walk away.  So I will lock myself in my room and cry my heart out at the words that break my heart into a thousand little pieces.  I will allow myself this time to wallow in self-pity, to curl into a ball and sob out every sliver of toxicity in my head. Just for a little while.

But I cannot stay in this space, this place of negativity and anguish.

I will get up.  I will ask the powers that be for the strength and will to move my body, stand on my feet and hold my head up. I will go out and soldier on.  Because whatever the difficulties, whatever the challenges, my kid still needs her mom, and will need her mom in the future to come.

I know the demons that plague me, I can keep them from consuming my future, keep them from affecting my kid’s future.  She will have me in her life.  I will be here for her.  I will continue to take my medication to keep my darkness at bay.  I will attend my counselling and continue my therapy.  I will express gratitude for my beautiful daughter, because I am grateful that I have her in my life.

This is just a bump in my road, the long road that is the reality of living with my chronic sadness.

I shall not let the darkness overcome.

One Lovely Blog Award

image lovely blog award

A big heartfelt thank you to Cay X from The Rabbit Hole for this lovely nomination.  

The “One Lovely Blog Award” are chosen by fellow bloggers, for the newer up coming bloggers.

The goal is to help give recognition and to also help newer bloggers reach a wider audience.

It also recognises blogs considered to be “Lovely” by fellow bloggers that choose them, and to celebrate bloggers who share their story/thoughts in a lovely manner, that connects with their readers.

In order to accept the award, first you must thank the person who nominated you

Add the “Lovely Blog logo to your post

Share 7 facts about yourself

Nominate the bloggers of your choice up to 15, but the number doesn’t matter.

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Seven facts about myself:

  1. I am child #9 in my family, with 8 siblings who are all older than myself.
  2. I am a huge dog lover.
  3. I have a zillion allergies, including food, environmental and animals.
  4. I believe in Love.
  5. I can not watch scary movies.  The last one I saw was The Sixth Sense, and for months afterward I felt like there were ghosts following everywhere!
  6. Going to the dentist makes me cringe.
  7. I love to write!

I would like to nominate the following people for this lovely award:

Motivating Giraffe – Penny is a wonderful artist who created this site and the two main characters.  She always has something to inspire or motivate with her drawings.  I look forward to each and every post.

Real Christianity – Melissa writes beautifully about her relationship with Jesus and finding salvation.  Her poems resonate with me as a woman and working mom.  She eloquently expresses the feelings of the contemporary woman who does it all.

Send Sunshine – Is all about light and inspiration.  Truly lovely.

These are the top three blogs that I enjoy on a regular basis.  They are consistently wonderful, and brings light and inspiration into my day whenever I need it.

The Top Reasons for this Blog


Photo Courtesy: Andrew Witwicki, Age 13

“My dream is to make writing my career.  This site will be a public forum in which I hope to connect with the world by sharing the experiences of my illness, my struggle with Clinical Depression, and winning the daily battle against the darkness.”

I have always expressed myself through writing, having kept a private journal since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Writing for me was and is therapeutic, there was no one to judge me, grading my words, editing my thoughts, or censoring my ideas. With written words, I was able to pour my heart out, create fantasy, or indulge in nostalgia. I have shared this gift with my children, showing them that the ability to press themselves through words is simply normal and healthy.

Writing kept me sane when my world was full of turbulence and darkness. My journal was my dearest friend, ever ready to take on my angst, my doubts, my mistakes, my anger, my pain.  So too was my dearest friend always there to remind me of the good ole days, the wonderful moments of love, and the sweet tenderness and joy of motherhood, on the days when things were not so sweet, tender or wonderful.

This site will not be my private journal, but a public forum in which I hope to connect with the world by sharing the experiences of my illness, my struggle with Clinical Depression, and winning the daily battle against the darkness.

footprint in sand by

Photo Courtesy: Instagram user @jwmarshall

It is my hope that with this blog, I can create more awareness of the gravity and prevalence of this disease, and reach those who struggle as I have, to give a sense of comfort and kinship, so that they’ll know they are not alone in the irrational world of this illness.

I expect to still be writing this blog in a year’s time, and to have reached at least 15,000 readers, who visit me to find validation, inspiration, comfort, or maybe just a little humor.

My dream is to make writing my career, and touch people’s lives with my stories, my musings, my lessons, my words. I want to bring hope on a hopeless day. I want to shine a light into the gloom, when the darkness threatens.

That shall be my footprint in the sands of time.