The Top Reasons for This Blog

“My dream is to make IMG_2152writing my career. This site will be a public forum in which I hope to connect with the world by sharing the experiences of my illness, my struggle with Clinical Depression, and winning the daily battle against the darkness.”

I have always expressed myself through writing, having kept a private journal since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Writing for me was and is therapeutic, there was no one to judge me, grading my words, editing my thoughts, or censoring my ideas. With written words, I was able to pour my heart out, create fantasy, or indulge in nostalgia. I have shared this gift with my children, showing them that the ability to express themselves through words is simply normal and healthy.

Writing kept me sane when my world was full of turbulence and darkness. My journal was my dearest friend, ever ready to take on my angst, my doubts, my mistakes, my anger, my pain. So too was my dearest friend always there to remind me of the good ole days, the wonderful moments of love, and the sweet tenderness and joy of motherhood, on the days when things were not so sweet, tender or wonderful.

This site will not be my private journal, but a public forum in which I hope to connect with the world by sharing the experiences of my illness, my struggle with Clinical Depression, and winning the daily battle against the darkness.

It is my hope that with this blog, I can create more awareness of the gravity and prevalence of this disease, and reach those who struggle as I have, to give a sense of comfort and kinship, so that they’ll know they are not alone in the irrational world of this illness.

I expect to still be writing this blog in a year’s time, and to have reached at least 15,000 readers, who visit me to find validation, inspiration, comfort, or maybe just a little humor.

My dream is to make writing my career, and touch people’s lives with my stories, my musings, my lessons, my words. I want to bring hope on a hopeless day. I want to shine a light into the gloom, when the darkness threatens.

That shall be my footprint in the sands of time.


10 thoughts on “The Top Reasons for This Blog

    • It’s very nice to meet you too Rosh! I was completely immersed in your blog site last night, reading articles that are near and dear to my heart like the dog meat industry. I am a staunch dog lover, and familiar with these practices in Asia. I applaud that you were able to write about so calmly and without prejudice, two things I could never be on this subject. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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      • I’m so glad you liked the post about that difficult subject. I thought it was a worthy issue to talk about for sure and actually I didn’t know much about the whole issue before I started the article. I knew it was a hot topic and I thought introducing it with the classroom anecdote gave me the bridge to talk about it. I definitely don’t see nearly as many restaurants serving it as when we first came here. I guess it is actually illegal to sell it, but they don’t enforce it so I’m told. Anyway, it was a very interesting process of discovery. Thanks so much for your feedback.


      • Who’s going to enforce it? The policemen who goes home to a hot bowl of dog soup tonight ? Or the smiling politicians who are publicly damning the industry while their housekeeper is at the market picking out a juicy leg of dog for his supper? Ughh! The hypocrisy! I look at my puppies and my gut cringes at the thought. Your article has opened a sore subject to whole generation who don’t recall what the fuss was about back when Seoul was under the international microscope for it’s dog meat industry practices. I can understand and respect the choice and practice of eating certain meats due to personal preference and cultural acceptance, but for Dog’s sake, be humane about it. There is no need to make your dinner suffer more than necessary.
        On that note, I hope you have a nice day! lol

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      • Hahaha………yep hypocrisy is never ending in governments. Right, it’s how they treat the dogs that is the main issue! Thanks for your great comment. It brightened my day to see you handling this topic with some humor. Thank you! Have a great day yourself:-)


  1. It is lovely to meet you! I’m so happy you found my blog so I could find yours. I suffer from bi-polar disorder (more depressive than manic) so I’m guessing we have a few things in common. You go girl with those wonderful goals! May all those who are at the place to find ‘comfort and kinship’ by reading and interacting with you and your blog find their way to you with ease…


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