Sandi lives in Manitoba, Canada with her family.  She is a wife, a mother to two beautiful daughters, and two adorable miniature poodles.

Sandi has a degree from the University of Manitoba in the Social Sciences.   She began her writing career as a means of therapy and healing, and through this blog, hopes to spread that healing to others by sharing her story, experience, musings and happy thoughts.    She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, in which she promotes stress management, spiritual and emotional healing through channeling Reiki energy and guided meditations.  She uses her experiences and skills with Reiki to help others heal and find peace.

Today, Sandi hopes to share her struggles, her lessons and her healings with others, so that there is more awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, and less isolation for those who suffer from it.

If you would like to share your stories as a guest post on Managing Depression, please contact:

Sandi Yee



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