In The Garden Of Hope

In the garden of hope, as in any garden, there are seeds and weeds.

What kind of seeds?

What kinds of weeds?

The seeds of hope, of believing that something good lies ahead.  

The weeds of negativity, and parasites that feed on the life energy so essential to nourishing the fragile seeds and seedlings newly sprouted.

I have written before that hope is not enough, and that hope is just a beginning, a good place to start.

How do we, or how can we help that hope to grow?

We must feed the seed that which we wish to grow, and create a nurturing environment for the seedling to continue to flourish after it has sprouted.

We must remove weeds that steal hope’s essential nutrients simply by being present in the garden.

Remove the pedestrians who would happily trample all over our precious seedlings, restrict them to tiny pathways that interfere not with life in the garden.

Remove the giant thistles that have dug their roots deep into your garden soil (soul), greedily stealing all the light.

Feed that little seed of hope, talk to it like it was the most precious seed in the world, and give it lots of love.  Give it every opportunity to grow by bringing in the best and the brightest to teach it the skills it needs to grow strong and stand tall.

And of course, every little sprout needs a cheerleader, to unconditionally cheer on it’s progress and growth, if for nothing else than to see it’s full beauty in bloom.

To all my readers who are making their way through the darkness right now, I send you my love and blessings of light.


One thought on “In The Garden Of Hope

  1. You are everyone’s cheerleader by posting in this blog. I would love to be your cheerleader back. Go Sandi : ) you are a wonderful woman and a loving mom. Your family is also your cheerleader.


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