Happiness is

ocean shore

Happiness is…

Tickles, giggles and wiggles on the floor.

Cuddles and snuggles at bedtime, warm and cozy.

Skipping down the beach with my daughter’s hand in mine.

My family.

Happiness is…

The tender caress of a lover’s hand.

A long, hard…

Belly laugh…HaHaHaHa!

(were you thinking something else?)

Happiness is…

Sunshine and high blue skies

dotted with puffy little clouds.

Standing on the shore on a windy day,

embracing the power of nature in the gusting wind and crashing waves.

Peace in connecting with spirit and the Divine Source in quiet solitude.

Happiness is…all around if only I look to find.


Photo Courtesy: Sandi Yee


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